‘Large Oval Damask Pin’


The work Clodagh submitted for the ‘Collectibles & Curiosities’ exhibition is a continuation of her research into the Irish Linen industry which was started in July 2022 with the ‘Re-Use + Re-Imagine’ Adornment Project. Clodagh wanted to continue and conclude that project by making jewellery that prominently featured the textures and patterns she found in the Lisburn Linen Museum. This one-off sterling silver pin incorporates the damask pattern plate that she also found in the Lisburn Linen Museum. These jewellery pieces continue the exploration the history and culture of a once prominent industry in Northern Ireland, and will hopefully spark curiosity in both the viewer and wearer of this collection to explore the history of the Linen industry.


Materials: Clodagh used many processes in the creation of the work. The main material used is sterling silver. The processes were: acid etching, hydraulic press forming, 3d printing, soldering, chain making, enameling and setting.

Artist Bio

Clodagh Molloy is a Contemporary Art Jeweller based in Dublin, Ireland. Her main art practice is focused on using jewellery to communicate mental health issues within society. However, she also creates unique pieces of body adornments incorporating other subjects like Irish history and literature.


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