‘Green Lines’


All elements of Lynne’s wearable sculptures have been found or gifted – often recycled from un-ordinary sources. Lynne looks at what seems to want to go together, and lets the materials choose who they want to be with. She then assembles, solders, fastens and fixes until what emerges is what has chosen to be … her materials always dictate the final form.


This brooch features a mushroom off her landlord’s truck, Apophyllite crystal, soldered copper claw fastening oxidised with liver of sulphur.


Materials: discarded materials, found and treasured objects, 50 silver, copper, aluminium, steel, plastic (toys)



Artist Bio

Lynne Speake is a multi disciplinary artist living and working in Cornwall. She works across sculpture, ceramics, photography, written word, installation and her work is always organically driven by her selected materials. Originally a painter, Lynne has a passion for colour, texture and pattern. She is fascinated and inspired on a daily basis by the peeling paint and the rusting metal that she finds all around her and especially when out walking her dogs. 


In terms of Art Jewellery, Lynne creates predominantly large wearable sculptures, assemblages of found and gifted treasures sourced from Cornish boatyards, beaches and woodlands. ‘Through the things that I make with the things that I find I aim to gently invite people to think about the environmental impact of what they throw away … hidden works of art just waiting to be discovered, a hidden beauty within these often unnoticed treasures. Things discarded by man and shaped by mother nature’s elements’.


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