‘DISTOPIA ring 2’


Carol Bergocce’s  DISTOPIA series are pieces that play with the eye. Carol intends to shine a light on Brazil’s recent problems with fake news, attacks on democracy and free speech which dangerously veer towards fascism and authoritarianism. The series invite the viewer to focus their eyes, to look through the cracks, to zoom in and step back. 


Materials: silver, PLA, acrylic, center-spot filter, lens

Artist Bio

Carol Bergocce is a jeweller from the city of São Paulo, Brazil. After an initial degree in Literature from the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, she started creating jewellery in 2014 by studying various techniques; since 2018, Carol dedicate herself to artistic/contemporary jewellery. She describe her work as political since it mainly addresses socio-political issues in her country. Her pieces are handmade, always in limited series. 


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