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Taylor Fentz’s ‘Curious Collection’ is an ongoing body of work that explores the curious nature of collection through a series of wearable lockets and containers. The functionality of each container or locket plays a large part in communicating their conceptual value. Taylor sees these wearable containers as a way to explore and address perception in relation to what we find curious or important enough to carry with us. 


Shown here is her piece ‘Counterbalance’, made with sterling silver and quartz crystal.


Please note, Taylor is taking part in the exhibition digitally. For prices, please contact her directly at: taylorfentz@gmail.com .

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Artist Bio

Taylor Fentz is a mixed media metalsmith from the Rust Belt of Indiana. She received her BFA in Fine Art with a Concentration in Metals from Ball State University. Taylor utilises both traditional and non-traditional techniques and materials to make work, ranging from small batch production jewellery to one of a kind art jewellery and small scale sculpture. The inspiration for Taylor’s work is most often influenced by her evolving perception of the man-made world as it pertains to what one might consider “nature” or “natural”.


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