‘Zeman necklace’


Ebrahim Mohammadian Elird’s exhibition pieces were inspired by the enlightening postulates of the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement. Their aim was to change the perceived value of goods, to develop products that had more integrity and which were produced in less dehumanising way. William Morris, one of the most influential names within this movement, maintained that creating beautiful, well-made, useful objects allow the maker to remain connected both with their product and with other people – this is the quintessence of the Arts and Crafts philosophy. John Ruskin, a Victorian leading art critic, also suggested a link between nation’s social health and the way in which its goods were produced. Therefore, the members of this movement proposed that a better production system could change people’s lives. Ebrahim’s collection attempts to draw attention to this critical current issue – the world needs more arts and crafts for the brighter, healthier future.


Materials: Materials: Walnut wood, blood wood, coconut wood, fig wood, glass, iron, enamel, oil paint, acrylic paint, clay, hematite, cord.

Artist Bio

Through his work, Ebrahim Mohammadian Elird (Bosnia and Herzegovina) aims to explore life in every single way – love, hate, happiness, sadness, excitement, the good and the bad, the lightness and the darkness that we are all exposed to. When we know our real selves, we are able to understand that we are much more than our name, ethnicity, skin colour or university degree. His jewellery designs tell stories about human beings, about their surroundings and about how to become the best version of ourselves.


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