‘What is the sun sweated?’


For her exhibition piece, ‘What if the Sun sweated?’, Julie Usel created a necklace by transforming silk into gold. She purified and perfected that fabric into something new and different, with added beauty and wonder. it references Alchemy, which was not only about metal transformation, but also full of symbolism and drew much of its information from astrology. In its vocabulary gold was linked to the sun and represented perfection; it was one of the most prominent symbols in alchemy. Her necklace brings to mind that star, its shine and its colour. It is like wearing a golden sun ray around the neck. 


Materials: silk and gold leaf

Artist Bio

Julie Usel is Inspired by folktales where dreams entwine with reality, her wish is to capture the intangible and turn it into wearable art.

She draws influence from Byzantine mosaics, as they are made of ordinary elements that, when combined, create an extraordinary whole. Her aim is to replicate the otherworldly atmosphere they evoke.

With this in mind, she transforms mundane materials into small elements that she embroiders together. The design of these pieces gives them a fluidity and when worn, they come to life through the body’s movements. These numerous elements interact with light, like fish scales, the sun’s reflection on a rippled sea, or the sheen of a bird’s wing.

As an artist, she is endlessly fascinated by the magic and wonder of storytelling; how it can stimulate our imagination and prompt us to explore new horizons. Stories challenge us to see the world in a different way and with her work she wishes to bring daydreams to life.