‘Treasure’ is a series of experiments responding to the objects in Sarah’s personal treasure chest. Upon researching for this exhibition, the same words kept coming up for her – Treasure, value, and precious. She began to consider what objects were most precious to her and what evoked feelings of awe. She curated a handful of objects which are particularly valuable to her and decided to respond to these.

The special thing about this project, is that most of these objects were collected long before she began her journey as an artist. She didn’t collect them with the intention of using them in her work and she never imagined she would. They were always far too precious.

Artist Bio

Sarah Cathers is a collector of oddities with an urge to document and preserve the forgotten. Driven by the process of fragmentation, she gathers pieces of discarded objects with the incentive to mend and rebuild the broken and repurpose the forgotten. She creates her own tangible compositions placing odd pieces of different materials that fit together, juxtaposing the unlikely.

Fascinated by adhesives and their ability to secure and fasten two objects together, she aims to preserve an object’s history and importance, using these materials to preserve and trap their history and original importance. By focusing on the binding capabilities of thread, she uses fibres to conceal and repair, wrapping and securing pieces together, acknowledging their past while recognising their potential to be something other than their intended purpose.