‘Tonn Tuile’


Shannon McShane’s body of work is called ‘Mbaineann’ meaning belong in Irish.

It used to be that if a person brought an object of value floating on the sea, nine waves or more out from land, they had the right to it. If it was less that the nine waves out, the owner’s permission was necessary to keep it. This body work is made up of found objects from the sea fabricated into earrings, brooches, necklaces and a ring. They are objects that Shannon has collected over time. They are curiosities as to what they once were, where they came from, how did they end up in the sea tossed amongst the waves to land ashore. Inspired by the Irish language with its many words for the different types of waves, especially the legend of the Three Waves of Erin, Tonn Cleena, Tonn Tuaithe and Tonn Rudraidhe. Shannon wants these pieces to provoke conversations of the ocean, her beauty but also the need to do more to protect her. These pieces of manmade objects should not have ended up there. They are only a very small fraction of what lies beneath the surface and along the shores. 


The ‘Tonn Tuile’ ring is made from found plastic ‘ring’ and a hand carved silver wave.

Artist Bio

Shannon McShane (Ireland) graduated from University of Ulster Belfast in Fine and Applied Arts, BA Hons, in 2011, disciplining in Jewellery and Silversmithing. Since graduating Shannon has set up her own studio and business, creating pieces for exhibition, commissions for clients and small production ranges of jewellery.

‘My inspiration is drawn from the coast surrounding Ireland. I grew up in a large coastal town at the mouth of Belfast Lough. Along this part of the coast there is a hive of sea faring activity which influences my work. Within my work I explore the notion of preciousness through the combination of precious metal and the ritual of collecting abandoned objects from along the shore.’