The Narrows


The original artwork design on this jar came from map drawings of the west coast of Strangford Lough and Lecale. Strangford is a wave-dominated tidal environment which dictates how we move around, live and enjoy the water. The Narrows is a very turbulent area where the Irish Sea meets the lough and is well known as a danger zone but also a place where a tidal turbine produces natural energy  reflected in the dynamic design of the jar.


Measurements: H32cm X W30cm. Materials: stoneware, glaze, decal.

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Artist Bio

Tracey Johnston is a ceramic artist with an interest in landscape and an anthropological approach to research. She seeks to make work that reflects the Ulster coastline and our emotional need to walk its shores and swim its waters. In her most recent works, sometimes thrown from local clay, she respond to sites on the west coast of Strangford Lough. The pandemic has brought her to join a community of local wild swimmers. Swimming with these women has given Tracey an insight into the importance of these liminal spaces, between earth and water, in shaping our notions of place and belonging. Interactions with the other swimmers has fuelled and inspired her to produce a body of work which speaks of life, nature, mental health and survival.