‘Space Ark’


David Cousley’s Space Ark was inspired by the beautiful German Noahs Arks of the 19th century which were full of hand carved and brightly painted birds and animals.

The Space Ark is an updated version for the 21st century, yet still very much a simply made children’s toy in the folk art tradition. The spaceship is carved from solid pine, hand painted, and filled with forty individually hand carved and painted beech animals. All are presided over by the interstellar Mrs Noah and Mr Noah.
As a spaceship fleeing earth with the few remaining species of animal onboard, or a metaphor for an Earth on which we care for the living things around us, the SpaceArk touches on themes of ecology and conservation.


Measurements: 70cm x 45cm x 30cm.

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Artist Bio

David Cousley is an artist and woodworker based in Co. Monaghan. He makes furniture and sculptural wooden objects which explore a simplicity of line and form. Folk art and vernacular wood craft are an inspiration, and have a direct relationship to his work as a contemporary maker.

Each piece is directly turned or carved from a block of unseasoned wood which is sourced locally from storm damaged or windfallen trees. While wet, the work is shaped with hand tools, care being taken to try and control the drying process. References in his work include product and automotive design, organic and futuristic elements. More primitive references, including neolithic tool shapes and the landscape of small drumlins and contoured slopes where he lives and works can also be seen.