Oak and Ebony Round Tray


Handmade by John Piekaar especially for the exhibition, this oak and ebony round tea-tray is made using a laminated wood side and handle. Solid wood pegs hold the sides and handle in place.


Finished with a natural oil.


Measurements:  diameter 35cm; 45mm high

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Artist Bio

John Piekaar is a Designer / Craftsman of fine contemporary furniture. Based in a County Down workshop, projects are mainly undertaken with private clients. Work is also undertaken in collaboration with architects and interior designers. Inspiration is taken from the natural world or architectural details. Sometimes the smallest scraps of wood can inspire the next chest of drawers or hall table. As the projects are commission based, the process is a collaboration between client and maker. The design proposal is then supplemented with drawings, scale models and timber samples.


John Piekaar uses two techniques in order to achieve wood curvature in his main piece – cutting from solid wood and progressively refining the shape as required, and laminated bending, that is gluing together thin strips of timber and clamping them while bent over a mould.