King Midas chain


The ‘King Midas Chain’ is a play on the Greek myth of King Midas and what was, in the end a curse of everything he touched turning into gold. The concept is about pushing the idea of gold as a commodity and a sign of wealth. This “fools gold” is made from gold PLA Filament (Polylactic acid) and is 3D printed. This method of making gives Clodagh the ability to exaggerate the shape and the size of a traditional gold chain. Each link took a full day to print, with each link connected as it was still printing.


The gold links are semi hollow allowing for the addition of silica beads to be placed inside, making the chain into an interactive piece. The beads make soothing sounds of time passing. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to touch, feel and lift this oversized body adornment. Bring a sense of curiosity and child like fun to the exhibition. Lifting the neck piece awakens the sound of time flowing through the false gold links.

Artist Bio

Clodagh Molloy  is a jewellery designer, maker and tutor based in Dublin, Ireland. From her north Dublin studio, she creates contemporary jewellery using a mixture or traditional and modern techniques. Her main art practice is focused on using jewellery to communicate mental health issues within society. However, she also creates unique pieces of body adornments incorporating other subjects like Irish history and literature.


Clodagh has taken part in numerous prestigious exhibitions throughout her career, such as ‘Made IN Ireland’, organised by the Design and Craft Council of Ireland in Kilkenny, Ireland. Her piece entitled ‘Silver Toast Rack’ was on show in Collins Barracks, Dublin, and was purchased by the National Museum of Ireland for their permanent Irish Silverware Collection.