Flame-worked glass collar


Maggie Napier’s exhibition piece is a large statement necklace consisting of hollow, blown glass orbs which have been indented and sculpted in the torch flame before being burnished with 24k gold leaf. The large glass orbs are in varied tones of transparent teal Murano glass.

Artist Bio

Maggie Napier is a flamework glass artist who makes jewellery. Based in Co. Down, she has over 15 years of practice and research, experimenting and creating art glass beads and unique jewellery using the highest quality Italian and American glass.

Between graduating with a degree in Design and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Art, she lived in Rome where an interest in ancient glass, archaeology and ornamentation evolved.

Maggie also hosts glass beadmaking workshops in her studio for beginners and experienced makers. Her work is in the collection of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and has most recently been exhibited as part of the International Festival of Glass, Biot, France.

Her glass work often incorporates 24k gold leaf which has been burnished and melted into the glass surface. She also often use precious metal reactive glass which contains high quantities of silver and gold in her pieces. The use of silver rich glass and especially 24k gold leaf has been an evolving

design feature, it adds richness and lustre, emphasising the handsculpted quality of her glass pieces.