For this exhibition, Alison Moger explores stories from her childhood memories connected to Welsh myths and fairy stories. Shown here is Alison’s wall hanging entitled ‘Fawn’ made in Welsh wool and free-stitched.

Speaking of her work included in this exhibition, Alison says: ‘I decided to sacrifice my Dad’s Welsh wool nursing blanket (traditionally called a carthen) for this project: I have deconstructed this precious textile and stitched into it the stories of my childhood. It will be interesting to explore the differences and links in this Welsh – Finnish collaboration between our traditional stories.’

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Artist Bio

Alison Moger is a practicing artist working with free -stitched, mixed media and print; her work will always have a recycling, environmental and family ethos at its heart. She is an avid collector of vintage textiles and domestic objects that show the passage of time and human interaction. Alison embraces storytelling through the visual process.

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