‘Echo 1’

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For this exhibition, Aaron Leach submitted a luxury putter – this was hand forged, milled, ground and then act etched to reveal the fiveoud grain structure of the iron. Made specifically for some of Aaron’s QEST training, this piece showcases Aaron’s skill of incorporating precious metals and stones in a functional way keeping the club usable. It’s the 1st of a range of putters Aaron is making using the hollow milled back as a way to lighten a larger body and incorporate an aesthetic he’s drawn inspiration from since art college.


Materials: locally sourced wrought iron, 9ct gold, sterling silver, diamond (VS1 clarity) and ruby.

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Artist Bio

Aaron Leach gained a BA in Artist Blacksmithing from Hereford College of Arts, before setting up his business, Swifts Forge, in Northern Ireland. With more than fifteen years of blacksmithing experience, he now designs, crafts and sells hand-forged putters to commission.

With QEST support, Aaron spent time with master craftsman Owen Bush, looking at metal manipulation techniques including acid etching and the forge welding of wrought iron in order to preserve and control the pattern and structure of the finished product. Next, he studied with Matthew Sayers, learning to set precious stones in metals to enable the development of bespoke putters for the luxury market. Finally, he will travel to Japan to learn about the making of Japanese iron and steel using a tatara and hot forging to reveal the properties of the metal.

Aaron welcomes private commissions for golf putters and trophies – one of his notable commissions has been hand-forging a wrought iron putter for Bill Murray.