Circle squared rings


For this exhibition, Céline Traynor made two Circled Squared Rings, in sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold, that can be worn together or separately. A classic two-toned combination in an eye-catching, contemporary yet very wearable design.

Please note, the price is for one ring only.

Artist Bio

Céline Traynor graduated in Fine Craft Design from the University of Ulster and set up a jewellery business in Dublin in 1997. Thoroughly contemporary in style, Céline’s jewellery designs in silver and gold reflect her love of pure shape and form – they appeal to those with a minimalist aesthetic. In her own words, ‘taking a studied, almost mathematical approach, I reduce the various forms to a balanced, geometric shape. The finished result is simple jewellery with a highly individual appearance.’

Although her jewellery might look abstract, the inspiration is down to earth – bridges, wallpaper and tile design, handwriting. Music plays a large part in her designs. A favoured way of working is to design a link that lends itself to necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks. rings and brooches. Céline loves solving the problems of how to connect, link, pin, hang.