‘A Canal Street Shaped Hole’ pendant


‘A Canal Street Shaped Hole’ is a pendant made from the remnant of the sheet of brass that Celine Traynor used to maker her other exhibition piece,  ‘Golden Years’; it stands as a sad reflection of the gaping hole that leaving Newry leaves with Celine. We recommend you read the inspiration behind ‘Golden Years’ to better understand the concept behind this piece.

Artist Bio

Describing her practice, Céline Traynor says: “Thoroughly contemporary in style, my jewellery designs in silver and gold, polished and matt finish, reflect my love of pure shape and form appealing to those with a minimalist aesthetic. Although my jewellery might look abstract, the inspiration is down to earth.
Taking a studied, almost mathematical approach, I reduce forms to a balanced, geometric shape. The finished result is simple jewellery with a highly individual appearance. A favoured way of working is to design a link that lends itself to necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks. rings and brooches. I love solving the problems of how to connect, link, pin, hang. I enjoy working with a client to design a piece from conception to finish.”

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