Makers Who Teach

Images (left to right): Lynsay-Erin Mercer – Quantum Leap, Dr. Chris Mc Hugh – Seto Monogatari 8, Hazel Bruce – The Space Between


Craft NI cordially invite you to see their current exhibition, ‘Makers Who Teach’, which features work made by 29 craft makers who also work in educational settings. To chime with the new academic year, the exhibition takes place during October 2023 and will be held in Craft NI Gallery, Belfast’s only dedicated crafts venue.

Recognising that many makers in Northern Ireland will teach others as part of their overall practice, whether it’s in classrooms, workshops and communities, this unique exhibition celebrates not only their creative journeys but also the talent from which their students benefit from.

Come along and learn about the bright minds who are shaping the skills of the next generations. Walking the fine line between passing skills on, nurturing and encouraging talent whilst still focusing on their own practice, these talented makers bring you works in ceramics, glass, wood, textiles and metal. Spinners and weavers, textile artists, jewellers, glass blowers and woodturners, ceramicists and fashion designers come together in this exhibition to share with the public their private artistic practice, influences and inspiration.

Exhibiting makers: Aisling Higgins, Andrea Spencer, Carol Willey, Chris McCambridge, Dr. Chris Mc Hugh, Clare Hart, Clare Taggart, Dean Liggett, Deborah White, Gavin Campbell, Hazel Bruce, Heather McFadden, Helen Hancock, Helen Noble, Irene McBride, John McLaughlin, Lesley Alexandra, Lynsay-Erin Mercer, Mary Cowan, Michael Moore, Michelle McElhone, Millie Moore, Natasha Duddy, Nichola Dalton, Patricia Kelly, Roslyn O’Donnell, Sandra Robinson, Shauna McCann, Rosemary McCartney.

This exhibition is a welcome reminder of the evidence of how learning through and about the arts can enrich the experience of studying while at school. With benefits such as: building confidence; encouraging self-expression; developing critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us, teaching arts and crafts can be an important part of student development. Teachers tell us that teaching and making inform one another – research activities can drive and stimulate making and interacting with students can be a challenge and a stimulus for the teachers.

Please contact the Gallery at / 028 9032 9342 to enquire about the works and how to purchase.

Images (left to right): Roslyn O’Donnell – Birth, Andrea Spencer – Kelp, Chris McCambridge – Ornament & Decoration

Images (left to right): Deborah White – The Deer and the Fern, John McLaughlin – Sea Vessel, Carol Willey – Foxes

Images (left to right): Clare Taggart – Ossie! , Claire Hart – Yunnan Ring, Nichola Dalton – Strata Still

Images (left to right): Sandra Robinson – Slumber, Dean Liggett – Dress, Mary Cowan – Prickly Pair

Images (left to right): Gavin Campbell – Nakashima coffee table, Lesley Alexandra – Burnt Aloha, Helen Hancock – Nature does not Bloom in Private

Images (left to right): Rosemary McCarthy – Linen Sampler, Irene McBride – On the Rocks, Shauna McCann – The Gameshow

Images (left to right): Aisling Higgins – Bare, Patricia Kelly – Layers of the Past, 1 , Michelle McElhone – Emtomb

Images (left to right): Heather McFadden – Metamorphosis, Michael Moore – Amber Grid Form 2, Millie Moore – Landmarks 1

Images (left to right): Natasha Duddy – Sea Wall, Helen Noble – Not in Kansas Anymore, 2011