Silver and gold ‘Flow’ pendant


This organic ‘Flow’ pendant is made in sterling silver with 9ct yellow gold details, and hangs on a 9ct yellow gold trace chain; the organic unique shape is created by melting wax and then working in partnership with its temperature and viscosity to determine the forms created. The waxes are then cast in precious metal, polished and finished.

Artist Bio

Jackie has been working with metal for over 20 years, much of this alongside a career as a clinical psychologist working in the filed of mental health and trauma. She has learned a wide range of traditional and non-traditional jewellery making techniques and is always keen to experiment with new or innovative ways of working.

Jackie’s work is grounded in nature, reflecting time spent in the countryside, a passion for birdwatching, walking by the sea and the essential sense of connection of human beings with each other, the natural world and all sentient beings. The creative process is also fostered by studies in oil painting and life drawing, with and increasing interest in the beauty of urban environments and the importance of our connection with nature. Recent studies have focused on combining computer aided design with traditional jewellery techniques to bring greater detail to her work.

The importance of growing and developing understanding through curiosity, experimentation and of observing from different perspectives has been fundamental to the artist’s life. This ethos has been reflected in her work over the years in developing traditional skills and novel approaches. Jackie believes that making jewellery and the process of creating has provided a space for processing, reflecting and maintaining balance in life.