‘Pith Vessel 2’


Through his work, Mark Hanvey aims  to celebrate the unique material of the tree. His ‘Pith Vessel’ series in particular use a part of the tree which is usually discarded: the pith. It is soft, and has no structural integrity, yet it has played a vital role in the life of the tree, storing nutrition, and transporting these nutrients to the outer tissues of the plant.


‘Pith Vessel 2’ measures 24cm in diameter and 27.5cm height.

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Artist Bio

Mark Hanvey is a woodturner and furniture maker from Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Mark has been working with wood for over 35 years, both at the lathe and the bench. His work embodies a deep respect for the material which he loves, as he strives to connect with the purist elements of wood. His work can be found in both public and private collections in Ireland and abroad, including the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.

For this exhibition, Mark has turned unseasoned wood. The pieces are turned to a fine wall thickness and then left to dry where the natural tensions in the timber pull and contort to realise the final form.