Lom: Bare gold earrings


Referencing the process of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing, or joining with gold, Aisling Higgins has used both Silver and Gold to add to her steel structures.These earrings are made from found Mild Steel, hammered and formed with silver and gold inlay and finished with a flame patina.

Artist Bio

Aisling Higgins is a jewellery designer/maker and educator living and running her own practice in Dublin. Her introduction to working with metal began while studying Antique Restoration which then led onto a degree in Jewellery & Objects in N.C.A.D. Dublin, where she currently teaches. Inspired by her time working as an assistant with designers in the Netherlands, she has continued to investigate her interest in form, shape, colour and texture using alternative and recycled materials. She takes inspiration from everyday rhythms and patterns in natural and manmade architecture. Her own garden is a great source for her ideas especially the decay and regrowth process of plants.

Aisling works with precious metals but still continues to use a mixture of alternative materials – for example, recycled mild steel. She has exhibited in various galleries across Europe and her work has been recently selected to exhibit in the Awe and Alchemy exhibition of new works in Armagh Market Place Theatre Gallery in September 2023 and also the Makers who Teach exhibition in Craft NI gallery October 2023.