Landscape Knitted Cardigan

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Jane McCann’s and Sirpa Mörsky’s Capsule collection of garments for ‘Wool Works’ celebrates the on-going collaboration between the two, as clothing and textile designers from Finland and Northern Ireland, linked together as both MaP members and as long established European academic partners. Jane is using woollen yarns in woven and knitted textiles in garments that merge the cuts, colours, textures and patterns found in Finnish traditional costume and in cultural artefacts along with references to the natural landscapes pf Finland, Ireland and Wales for the creation of ageless and enduring design.

Shown here: a multicolour knit which includes yarns sourced at the Tampere craft fair as well as those spun by Kehraamo Salo-Angora, Finland.

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Artist Bio

Professor Jane McCann, M Des RCA, M Phil, CText FTI. Based in Northern Ireland, Jane is involved in the user-driven design research and development of technical and smart functional clothing as well as creating and curating new clothing and product applications for linen / flax fibres. In particular, as a MaP member, Jane partnered the group with designer-makers in Northern Ireland for the Linen Futures’ exhibition (2015 & 2016) that became a precursor to Northern Ireland’s Linen Biennale 2018.

Her growing interest in flax fibres in composite materials has led to her current role as the lead facilitator of an Invest Northern Ireland funded Natural Fibre Collaborative Network scoping study. She continues to have international academic involvement in performance sportswear design, provides expertise to textile orientated projects, presents at events and conrtibutes to publications.

Jane’s current involvement in ‘Wool Works’ celebrates not only her enjoyment of being a MaP member but also many years of UK / Finland project collaboration with Sirpa Mörsky.