Cascade silver and red gold earrings


For her exhibition pieces, Fiona Kerr used very simple shapes of circles made from round wire and tube; she has combined silver and gold together to form a new structure through the creative journey that takes place on the jewellers bench. It shows the contrast between the two different metals and how gold can come in a variety of colours.

These drop earrings are made in silver  and 18ct red gold.

Artist Bio

Originating from the Borderlands of Scotland, Fiona gained a BA Honours degree in Three-dimensional Design from Buckinghamshire Chiltern University College and continued her specialist training in stone setting and gemmology.

Now celebrating over 20 years in business, located in the beautiful Lakelands of County Fermanagh and drawing inspiration from her surroundings, she combines contrasting textures and polished surfaces in silver, gold and coloured gemstones to stunning effect.

She says: ‘’I like to design jewellery that has a modern, contemporary feel but is easy to wear, effortlessly elegant.’’

Fiona is a member of the Association of Contemporary Jewellers, and has shown her work through exhibitions and galleries throughout the UK and Ireland.