Bogland Lidded Vessel


Bogland Lidded Vessel, part of Patricia Millar’s installation for Collect Open 2023 earlier this year. A piece that captures ancestry, the  landscape texture and colours of the Causeway Coast. Each slab is carved back to reveal rushes, grass and gravels, while local clay slips highlight the minute texture.


Measurements: 74cm tall, approx. 33cm wide.


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Artist Bio

A potter on the Causeway coast, Patricia Millar digs local clay and incorporates found materials into her wheel thrown and hand-built forms. Unique colours from the landscape are achieved by using the ancient techniques of pit and wood firing.

Patricia’s work is not just about a place but made from its very essence. A featured artist on BBC Countryfile, Patricia has had work selected by the RUA, public commissions for Seamus Heaney HomePlace and Ards and North Down Borough Council. Representing Northern Ireland for My Creative Edge in Sweden, she is a regular exhibitor with Ceramics Ireland as well as solo and group exhibitions. Patricia shows her work at craft fairs including the Guildhall Derry, FE. Mcwilliams Gallery and Potfest. She makes private commissions, offers pit firing workshops and is invited to demonstrate her processes.