‘A Crystalline Journey…’ VI


Porcelain bowl with crystalline glaze and hand carved textural detail.


A crystalline glaze produces crystals, visible in and on the surface, in an array of shapes and sizes. Anna uses her own recipes and firing schedules, developed from much experimentation and many failures along the way. The successes have rewarded her with stunning, magical crystal formations which have captivated and spurred her on to discover more of their endless possibilities.


Artist Bio

Anna graduated from Belfast School of Art at Ulster University in 2017, having gained a First Class Honours BA Degree in Ceramics. She undertook a residency with teaching opportunities at the University and has since started her own ceramics practice based at her home in County Down. She has received awards and exhibition opportunities, including New Designers (London) 2018 and Royal Ulster Academy of the Arts annual exhibitions. The Arts Council of Northern Ireland have purchased selected pieces of her work for their public collection and she has recently completed the Craft NI Launchpad programme. Her contemporary ceramic work is a visual language with which she speaks about matters of importance to her, such as human relationship, heritage, nature and spirituality. The resulting pieces are imbued with meaning. She believes that when we engage with items which have been thoughtfully designed and skilfully produced by the human hand, it is a satisfying and enriching experience. Her current work has utilised funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to develop a range of crystalline glazes and these will be combined with a range of new forms to exhibit in a solo show later this year, kindly facilitated by Ards Arts.